Picking up our Bus!

“If you want something that you’ve never had, you must do something that you’ve never done”

The day we finally were able to get the bus was a huge relief.   We had been looking for the right school bus for over a year, mainly using Craigslist and other web sites with no luck.   Eventually someone recommended a bus company that we had never even thought to look at in Duluth, a city not far from where we live.  We went there and met a super nice guy who helped us out in more ways then we ever expected.  The first day we went there, we found the bus we wanted.  Crazy right?!  We were shocked that it came to us so fast.  Only thing was there was a church who was interested in the bus as well.  Since we were second, we had to wait and see if the church was going to take it or not.  Dang it!  We knew it was too good to be true. The Company told us to give them two weeks and they will let us know if the church wants the bus or not. We waited almost a month before we decided to just drive up there and see what the status was. We arrived there and found the guy who helped us last time. We walked up to him to get an update on the bus, and he told us the church can not afford it so it’s yours if you want it. Thank goodness!!! The church decided to pass on it so on Nate’s birthday, April 13th, 2017, we officially found out the bus was ours for the taking! We were told the bus would be ready for purchase in about two weeks. That was the first time this whole thing really started to come together.

From April 13th, we entered the waiting game, again! About a month had past and we weren’t able to get the bus as soon as we thought we would.  We were told one date and then that had to be moved back due to one of their main buses having engine troubles. Our bus happened to be one of their back-up buses, so they needed to use it again.  We were given another date, but turned out they would need it till after Grandmas Marathon weekend, which is a big marathon that takes place in Duluth.  At this point, we were getting slightly frustrated.  We were slowly losing hope every time we had to wait longer.  We started wondering if this was really meant to be, was this really the right bus?  Are we moving too fast?  The waiting gave us time to question the whole situation.  We were close to giving up until we finally got the call we had been waiting for!  After the marathon weekend, which was the weekend of June 17th, we got a call saying we could come get the bus whenever we were ready!  Holy crap, this all just got real, REAL quick!

So that brings us to June 26th, 2017, the day we did the darn thing.  The whole day was full of nerves for both myself and Nate.  Its like your wedding day when you get cold feet, that feeling was present for us both.  However, we both knew we wanted to do this and wanted to do this together.  So cold feet aside, we went and made it official.  We signed the papers and exchanged the money and became school bus owners in a matter of minutes.  It all happened so fast!  I remember walking out to look at the bus after the paper signing just thinking this is it!  This is what our lives have come to, our dreams are starting to become reality.  Nate and I went to the bus and walked inside it, sat in the driver’s seat and were just happy as can be.

It didn’t feel TOTALLY real until it was sitting in our parking lot outside our house.  Luckily, the guy we bought the bus from was willing to drive it to our house for us.  Neither one of us has ever driven a bus, or anything that large so we were grateful for his offer.  We rode in the bus with him and asked him questions about driving.  He was confident that we would pick it up quickly which is great to hear!  Obviously that is one of the scariest things about all this, learning to drive a big bus!  We are very confident in doing it though and excited to as well.  Now that its finally at our house, waking up and having the bus outside is great because our dream is just sitting there waiting for us.  It gives us so much motivation having it within arms reach.  After months of talking about it and dreaming up ideas, we are now bus owners and the journey can finally begin.

Years, even months ago, neither one of us thought we would be school bus owners.  We never thought we would be creating YouTube videos, writing a blog and remodeling a bus…all of this is new territory for us.  That is a large reason it is so fun!  Diving into this new world, together.  We were SO ready for a change in our lives and this was definitely the right choice for us.  Now onto the next phase…demolition!



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